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The articles published in this journal should be related to agricultural, biological and ecological field and other allied areas.

Aims/ Objectives of ATDS Society

anize educational and extension activities through National and International level Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and Training programme. 4. To improving and uplifting the living conditions of Rural and Urban Areas 5. To create awareness for Water Conservation and Rainwater Harvesting System 6. To promote the Women Empowerment through organize initiatives educational training programmes 7. We are also creating various Skill Development schemes for rural and urban farmers. 8. We are committed to promote Digital Education and Modern Agriculture. 9. We have adopt small villages and there establish Self Help Groups (SHGs) and Farmers Clubs for improving opportunities apart from contributing to their own Agriculture and Livestock Husbandry and Self-Employment. 10. To promote, innovate and disseminate knowledge Research/ Educational/ Extension/ Environmental Policies, Issues, R&D programme generate by Indian govt. agencies and also awarded concerned person by society’s awards. Publication of the ATDS Society 1. International Journal of Agricultural Invention (IJAI) The Society half yearly publishes an International Journal in English language in the months of June and December with ISSN: 2456-1797 P and RNI: UPENG/2016/70091.
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