Analysis of the status of major vegetables in Bajura, Nepal

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Devashish Bhandari
Sagar Dahal
Arjun Kumar Shrestha
Govinda Sijapati
Min Prasad Jaishi


The favourable climatic condition of Nepal has endowed it for cultivation of greater than 50 vegetable crops and making vegetable sector a dominating sector in terms of area and production after cereals. The time series secondary data of major vegetables grown in Bajura district for area (ha), production (MT) and yield (kg/ha) of total 18 years period from 1999/2000 to 2016/17 was extracted from statistical information on Nepalese Agriculture published by MoALD, publications of VDD (Vegetable Development Directorate), Annual Agriculture Development Program and Statistics Book (AADPSB) published by AKC (Agriculture Knowledge Center) Bajura and beyonds. Other reliable sources of information were also scrutinized for extracting secondary data for the completion of research. MK-Test was used for detecting monotonic trend in the time series and simple linear regression was performed to test a linear trend. MS-Excel software was used for statistical analysis and Linear trend analysis model was used for data interpretation using slope and intercept parameters. The result illustrated that the increment in the rate of vegetable production was higher (258.44 MT/year) than cultivated area (24.599 ha/year) throughout the analyzed period (1999/2000 to 2016/17). Concurrently, the yield of major vegetables was also in increasing trend. Similarly, the recent trends (2012/13 to 2016/17) showed that the yield of Cruciferous crops, Solanaceous crops, Malvaceous crops, Umbelliferae crops and Cucurbitaceous crops was in increasing trend with markable fluctuations in cultivated area and production. This research can be a useful tool for horticulturists and other concerned authorities for further research and amelioration of the status of major vegetables in Bajura district.

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Bhandari, D., Dahal, S., Shrestha, A., Sijapati, G., & Jaishi, M. (2020). Analysis of the status of major vegetables in Bajura, Nepal. International Journal of Agricultural Invention, 5(02), 157-164.
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